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November 6, 2009

Solitary activities always appealed.  Mainly drawing and reading.  The greatest gift I remember my parents buying me was a desk.  Nothing sensational in the 1950’s about a wooden, simple desk from Myer.  For me it provided a surface.  Now I could do my homework at a level of comfort and solitude.  Throughout my life I have needed a surface, desk or table, on which to do things.  I now sit at a fold up bamboo table avec fold up bamboo benches, tis oriental as all get out!

I have neglected the desk/table for some months due to moving house, a stream of visitors and my own laziness.  I sit six floors up with the sound of a restaurant waterfall below.  The balcony is open with a scatter of plants and a small fountain for hydro therapy of the cerebellum.  This is where the neglect must come to an end.  I now have a pleasant work space without excuse to rant!

My tenth year in Thailand draws near.  I am not a buddhist.  I am attracted by some of the philosphical elements.  There were periods of intensity when I taught Buddhism in seminar form with Buddhist Monks.  The element which attracts me most is that of ‘mindfulness’…we do not use these terms in the West.  Basically ‘mindfulness’ is being aware of ones actions. Sensibility I thought.   The psychic tempo is so different from the West.  It is almost a relief in my case.  The grace with which these people move is an indictment of Buddhist Culture, the West does not have it.  The gentility is a great attraction for me.  There is no macho stance among the people I see and talk with.  I am not embarking upon a ‘Western Bashing”  tirade.  I am attempting to understand the reasons why I am happy in a cultural clash.  So often in my life had ‘difference’ been the attraction.  Each culure in which I lived beca me like a drug for me.  I was fully immersed from Rome to Mykynos…

But here, to quote an American writer in Japan for 48 years, is where I like myself.  This culture provides me with mirth, a rather archaic metaphysical term, flirtation, and gentility beyond my reach in the great city of Melbourne.  Never the shopping!!

It took me many years living here to meet a soul partner, or whatever is the millenium lingo for such coupling.   This is a city of economic refugees.  How one chooses to deal with it is up to oneself.  There is no room for judgement.  I am at peace knowing that I have experienced trust and respect with another person.  Neglect nags at us all, how we respond to it is another question I am not qualified to speak.

There is a retro slant to this piece of writing.  When one lives outside one’s culture for this long it does interesting things to ones head.  I want to write more and shall do but this evening my friends finds the Muse indolent…

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  1. patersoniconicfruitonic permalink
    November 19, 2009 9:26 am

    Lloydus, keep on writing.
    You know you’ve got several books inside you

    Muchos amores
    Jul xx

    • dyoll09 permalink*
      June 4, 2015 7:46 pm

      I often have you in my heart

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