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May 20, 2009

Azia is not the best place for flesh wounds.  Why, well it is a troppo climate, and that should speak for itself.  This is about my third in three months of flesh wounds.  All a result of not being mindful, a very unbuddhist way to live.  This time it is the leg again.  A surface wound with blood.  And as you all know my hypochondriasis can take control.  Just slap on the antiseptic cream/oil/lotion/liquid.  Then it is time to cover the wound so as not to expose it to the troppo climactics…trouble with infection.  How did they do it in WWI and WWtwo…..My father, a veteran of WWTWO,never spoke of such things to me.  As a young child I knelt on a nail and it pierced my knee.  The panic button was pressed early and I screamed in pain and angst.  So the memories are there.  This is the third wound in as many months.  There is no war in my case, just ageing and decrepitude…of course my close friends have already told me, you will need to have the leg amputated…nice I thought…do they really care?…Living in asia one has to adapt to such minor skirmishes with health.  The health scares have had me in the ICU at several hospitals, nurses in starched white uniforms proffering beautiful asian smiles..The Heart Centre, as it is called at my hospital, are familiar with my entrance and performance…They take the blood, the Lab does what it has to do and I await the results which are then discussed with my Cardio doctor..he seems to find me amusing and that is the truth..he is gifted and caring in his own way…Well doctor, am I getting an A or a B plus for these results…he smiles in that inscrutable asian manner..never an A…damn it!!

So I soldier on as my late Father would say…the medication, the whole catastrophe in the words of Mikis Theodorakis from Zorba…it is amazing how the body heals itself.  But as age takes its grip, healing is not as swift as it used to be.  So I have applied the Betadine and wrapped the wound with gauze and antiseptic lotion.  Sadly it means no swimming for some time.  My only real form of Cardio Vascular pumping for the day.  You have all heard my moans and groans so will not go on ad infinitum, cant leave that Latin alone for long.  The night has come and the matress calls…the sleep of the Just I once heard it called.

It is the other wounds, those of the mind that heal in a different way.  We have all been wounded, damaged….for me the comfort of friends has been my solace, my healing, and to all of you, and you know who you are, I give thanks.  One needs be mindful each day…aware we say in the West!

May the wounds heal and may the dance of life continue….

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  1. Lovely Cloud permalink
    May 22, 2009 4:31 pm

    a little aloe vera goes a long way bébé
    troppo clime as in ‘ma non troppo’

  2. dyoll09 permalink*
    May 23, 2009 8:30 am

    Ello Vera, long time no hear….yes the natch erb is far betta than betta/din….lots of love Mi Mi

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