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Quod scripsi quod scripsi

May 14, 2009

The Latin lurks in the far recesses of my fading memory…seven years of studying a dead language.  What was I doing for all those years.  However je ne regret rien, they were wonderfully rich linguistic years of my life.  The vibrato of writing and reading.  So what is it that you want me to write?

I have resisted somewhat for decades and now find myself faced with a Blog!

That gigantic leap that one makes from a blank canvas/sheet of paper, that all artists are faced with.  But it is a jounrey, for some even a journal.  I am sure all of us can draw, and all of us can write.  We choose our own modus operandi, cant relinquish the Latin.  As no-one has commented on anything I am not sure in which direction to proceed.  My canvas is vast.  The stories are interesting.  It is always my question: ‘But who will be bothered reading what I may write?”….Now everybody is writing happily.  Maybe those years of teaching did some good.  Yes it maybe Facebook or it maybe chat in some site, but at least people are writing.  Writing is a process and that I am learning fast doing this bloggery or bloggage.  I was always told that ‘writing’ is a solitary pursuit, something you do alone.  And it is.

The East, or as the colonialists used call it, The Far East.  It has been my home for almost 10 years.  It is a close neighbor of my birth place but not particularly prominent in the total scheme of things.  An American novelist was aske why he had continued to live in Japan after 48 years.  I wish to recho his sentiments.  He replied: ‘Because here I like myself”…I can only respond in agreement and thus my continuing journey in Asia…Chok Dii

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