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Edge Speak

April 30, 2009

The West and East are very differing in their body lingo I have observed.  And as any decent pop psychologistico would tell you, 80% of what we communicate is through non verbal expression.   That is a large part of any communication between two or more people, not allowing for when you talk to yourself, and I do.  There seems a gentility, a softness, in asians.  I think this is the attraction for me here.  The G’day Mate syndrome does not sit well with me, and the macho handshaking even less.  Asia is more fluid/liquid.

Body language in the west has a certain ‘edge’ about it that I find a little off putting.  Short, staccato sentences delivered rapidly as communication, too harsh for my ear.  Not to say that asians dont have their own linguistic jarring.  I saw a diagram where it showed westerners as being linear in their queueing up process, while asians were circular.  I think time for asians it  is circular and while for we westerners it is linear to an extent.

The tropics lend to less clothing.  This I think allows a free, less restricted body lingo.  Silk a certain je ne sais quoi.  And of course an addict of linen, especially white.  I know there is a famous blogger out there of the fashunarty genre who can speak more of silk and linen than I could, but, the feel is the deal I tell you.

So the asian body language suits ( no pun intended ) me fine.  Less of the ‘edge’ is where I wanna be lest could do a mighty fall.  I think I am saying the eastern pscyche is a little bit more laid back, not quite horizontal, although at times have seen them in that position frequently.

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  1. Gary Stacey permalink
    May 16, 2009 12:26 pm

    ESCAPE-the elevation of emotions to a Blank Page

    It would seem we are all searching for something which appears in our MINDS,happiness and sadness.
    Always in contrasts that force us to a compromise in LIFE,now and later.
    As the elusiveness of our quest becomes harder to define we seek to consoul ourselves with the inexplainable thougths of the MIND, the non exeistent DESTNATION…….

    • May 17, 2009 12:33 pm

      Now that will take me some time to reflect. How gracious you are typing on my blog as I know you have a strong aversion to so such pursuits.

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