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Welcome to The 3B’S…

April 27, 2009

This is the day i dreaded….writing a blog….such a quintessentialesque notion of communicating in teknospeak…..will I ever master the art of art writing so that at least one persons attention is grabbed from across the comuta screen…a scream or screen of consciousness is my objective…so many friends have said ‘write!’ now I am doing it as a blogger….certain sharpness to the word, it is the ‘gg’ I feel….I must thank my friend for being the catylist in finally putting fingers to keyboard, oh how I long for the humble pencil and paper, these were the tools that my first writing emerged from, oddities to a point these days…not unlike my good self actually……old and hip!! 70 is the new 50 and no idea of what the new black is…some fascinistas I am sure can enlighten me…
This first experience is a bit like my first two wheeled bike ride, my first and last water surfing experience, freaked out skinny, bespectaled aussie kid….gosh, the pictures tell the story, but maybe pictures later…I strongly welcome comments, lets make this blog a two way strasser, so we all get to thump the keyboard….a rant is a rant is a rant Mz Stein!

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  1. Mitchell permalink
    June 10, 2009 9:55 am

    I loved the “first and last water surfing” comment…

    AS I, too, had one of those experiences in Hawaii at what was purportedly the BEST place [ ]. That was not my experience. My experience taught me why one wears surfer’s shorts (as opposed to an Aussie Bum type suit) during this activity. Besides being pounded and pummeled with millions of kilos of water; the “Speedo” traps the sand SO a poop/dump is seemed to be seen on your backside, whereas, surfer baggy shorts allow the water and SAND to slide out along the legs.

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